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Thinking Skills | Learn how to make your students critical, creative and caring thinkers

Thinking Skills help students become critical, creative and caring thinkers. Thinking Skills empower students to make good decisions, solve problems and inquire into new ideas by themselves.

Our one day course "Thinking Skills, Thinking Students" will focus on 4 key questions:

1) Which thinking and learning skills work best?

2) What is the best way of teaching thinking?

3) How can thinking skills enhance student success?

4) How can I develop a school-wide thinking programme?

Looking at a range of critical, creative, caring and reflective thinking tools, we will learn how students can take a lead with their thinking and learning. Using a combination of research and classroom examples we will explore the most effective tools and approaches to the teaching of thinking from Foundation Stage to Year 13.

Teaching critical thinking empowers students to reach their potential. By using several effective thinking tools we will see how students can understand how to think through content and answer questions skilfully. Sharing examples from across the UK and the wider world, we will examine how schools have implemented thinking skills progression plans to create a rigorous thinking curriculum for every year level.

Our one day courses and INSET days are led by Graham Watts; one of the UK's leading Thinking Skills experts. Graham has published teacher resources on Thinking Skills in the UK, USA and New Zealand and leads training workshops around the world. He is gaining a reputation as an international expert on Thinking Skills after his frequent presentations at the International Conference on Thinking in Melbourne (2005), Sweden (2007) and Kuala Lumpar (2009).

Graham's Thinking Skills workshops are grounded in research, offer practical tools and examples of good practice. Since the inclusion of Thinking Skills in the Primary and the 11 -19 curriculum in England, Graham has worked with thousands of teachers to embed practical tools.

Habits Of Mind

Tomorrow’s Learning is the UK Affiliate for the Institute for the Habits of Mind and is fully accredited to offer CPD in Costa and Kallick's Habits of Mind. See the online learning options or book an INSET Day.


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