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HOT Tools with Tomorrows Learning

Higher Order Thinking Tools (HOT Tools) bring literacy and thinking skills together. The 10 HOT Tools give form and shape to thinking and provide the literacy structures to turn thoughts into extended text. When thinking and literacy are combined in this way, they offer a shared language of learning across the school.

Beginning with simple thinking tasks such as describing and ordering, HOT Tools progress to equip students in the more complex thinking tasks of analysing and evaluating. The teaching programme of HOT Tools spans primary and secondary, offering students an insight into the requirements of public exams.

The one day introductory training in HOT Tools is offered as either a one day course or as a whole-school INSET day. Over the day teachers explore how to teach, infuse, and self assess effective use of HOT tools.

The training day is centred around 3 key questions:

1. How can thinking tools improve literacy skills?
2. How can thinking tools increase in complexity as students progress?
3. How do thinking tools help students develop understanding of examination questions?

HOT Tools are designed by Niki Phillips and Graham Watts

Habits Of Mind

Tomorrow’s Learning is the UK Affiliate for the Institute for the Habits of Mind and is fully accredited to offer CPD in Costa and Kallick's Habits of Mind. See the online learning options or book an INSET Day.


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