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Introduction to Habits of Mind

This interactive INSET day comes highly recommended by the thousands of teachers from the UK and beyond who have participated. Using the resources and expertise of the Institute for the Habits of Mind, teachers will explore the following questions

  • What are the Habits of Mind and why do they matter?
  • How can we teach students to behave “mindfully”
  • How do the Habits of Mind integrate across subject areas?
  • How do students take the lead with Habits of Mind?

The 16 Habits of Mind are mindful behaviours that help learners of any age take the lead in their own learning. By teaching Persistence, Taking Responsible Risks, Striving for Accuracy and Metacognition, the Habits of Mind empower students to make better decisions. Habits of Mind are building blocks for lifelong learning.

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Habits Of Mind

Tomorrow’s Learning is the UK Affiliate for the Institute for the Habits of Mind and is fully accredited to offer CPD in Costa and Kallick's Habits of Mind. See the online learning options or book an INSET Day.


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